The Farm 

(Updated May 6, 2011)

We are participating in the Open Farms car tour Sunday September 18. Check out for more information and for maps of local farms available to tour. 

We produce Certified organic milk for Organic Meadow a farmer owned co-operative (

We milk 35 Holsteins and Jerseys. Our milk, cheese, butter, sour cream,and yoghurt etc can be purchased at most natural food stores and super markets. Our cows, under the National organic standards, are turned out everyday and are fed organic grass, hay and grains. We do not feed Soy nor use antibiotics or spray chemicals on our fields.

We are members of the National Farmers Union ( and hosted the 2005 Feast of Fields(pictured right), an NFU event. We also belong to the Ecological Farmers Assoc of Ontario (

Both organizations work for many important issues such as preserving the family farm, preserving farmland, seed saving, re-creating sustainable local food systems, and education for ecological farming practices to name a few.

We also produce and sell:

For two years now we have been home to 25 bee hives for Toba Apiary to increase pollination in our crops. 

New for 2008, we are looking for more ways to become less dependant on oil on the farm. We are hoping to inco

rporate more Bio-dynamic farming methods as well.

Organic Meat & Vegetable Price List for 2011

Call 613-545-9214 to order/reserve 


Hamburger Patties $4.00/lb            

Hamburger $4.00/lb

Stew Beef $4.00/lb                                            

Rump Roast $4.00/lb

Chuck Roast $5.00/lb

Blade Roast  $4.00/lb                                        

Sirloin Tip Roast  $4.50/lb

Prime Rib Roast $8.00/lb                            

Sirloin/T-Bone Steak $8.00/lb

Rib Steak $8.00/lb

Wing Steak $6.00/lb                                  

Round Steak  $4.00/lb

Liver $4.00/lb

Ox Tail $8.00/lb 


Order now for 2011!! Limited Quantities available.... we always sell out!

$4.50/lb (whole birds only)


Must be ordered early for Thanksgiving and Christmas Taking orders for 2011!

Will be available whole at $3.75/lb


Sausage, ham & bacon available now and taking orders for November 2011

Various cuts or by the side.  Will take reservations for sides or half-sides of pork.  Some cuts available now and taking orders for November 2011


Available year-round; for your convenience please call ahead.  $4.50/dozen

**Please Note: prices are subject to change without notice **